The Walk, Hike & Bike Trail Map

The Wagathon Walkathon (2+ miles) will begin on March 30th 2014 at 12:00 noon. The course will begin in the middle of the map on the East end of the Amphitheater (right side). From there we will head East towards and around Zingers. From there we will loop back and go past Buenos Aires Cafe. The course will then head North to the stoplight and then right. Due to Hotel construction, this year the course will turn early this year and go in front of Twin Liquors. The halfway point will be at Jamba Juice NOT CONFIRMED FOR 2014 where they will be serving samples of their new seasonal fit’n fruitful smoothies. From there we will head West traveling around Dillard’s and loop back South on the main street where Dogadillo is located. After Dogadillo everyone will head back to the Amphitheater where we began.

Please do everyone a favor and pick up after your pet! Complimentary poop bags are provided courtesy of Austin Subaru.

2014 Wagathon Walkathon Trail Map

adminThe Walk – Hike and Bike Trail Map